• Melissa Saulnier

We Aren't Born Writers...We Must Become Writers

Sometimes in life, we've been shoved into a box and given a script. At some point we realize we no longer want to do or be those things. We don't want that to be our story. We realize that the rules we've been following were assigned by someone who didn't have the same interests and suddenly we have to do something about it.

We gained enough courage to lift the lid and look outside the box. The path someone had given us wasn't leading where we thought. We had a choice to make. We could stay safe inside the box and continue to go in the direction someone else chose for us or we could take a risk and get outside the box. Getting outside the box means we have the chance to reimagine how we want the future to look.

We are not born writers...we must become writers.

Now we are free to reimagine the story or narrative we have been living. We can become who we want to be and that may mean walking away from the identity someone else has given us. It is the crossroad where who we are and who we want to be meet.

What is gained by breaking the rules?

Becoming a writer means we can no longer do what others expect from us. We must forge a new path. Most creatives have no patience for the rules. Now we are on the verge of transformation and the question we ask ourselves is, "Am I willing to become my truest self?"

Be True to the Process


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