• Melissa Saulnier

Create Yourself

What we believe about ourselves tends to come true...the good and the bad. Eventually we all have to decide who we want to be and become that. We have to choose a role and own that identity. That is why it is important to know yourself, your wants and desires. We don't fake it until we make it. We believe it until we become it.

After we have embraced who we are and endeavored to re-create ourselves...what next? What are the practical steps of living the life of a writer? There really isn't a giant leap involved. Instead, there is a series of small steps. Sometimes it isn't the big bets that make the win but a series of small bets that bring the big win. We don't need to see the entire path beginning to end. We simply need to see the next step we should take and choose well. Small changes over time make a huge impact and transformation.

We can do extraordinary things when we are persistent and patient. We are never done becoming who we are. It is a lifetime adventure. Our writing becomes more meaningful because of the challenges we overcome. Great writing is found on the outer edges of discomfort where transformation dwells.

We become who we are by taking small, purposeful steps along the way.

Happy Writing

Melissa Saulnier

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