• Melissa Saulnier

Becoming a Writer and the Starving Artist Myth

What if you could make a living as an artist? How would that change your approach to your work and the importance it holds in your day? Rarely do we think of the creative personality as wealthy or successful. Sometimes jokes are make about artistic people and communities. Sometimes an artist does succeed and that is what I want to look at.

Today there is more opportunity than ever to share our work, our books, our art with the world but we need a new model and example to succeed. The myth of the starving artist is definitely due an overhaul. Whether you have an idea for a book, a vision for a business, or a dream, you have everything you need to create it.

Truthfully, we don't have to become millionaires to be successful. I'm not talking about quick get rich schemes. I'm talking about how to join the professional artist, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have succeeded. The goal is to build the kind of life that makes creating your work possible and inevitable.

Let's look at some of the ways successful artists think:

A successful artist knows it is a process of becoming.

A successful artist knows how to take from the great influencers and make it their own.

A successful artist knows how to apprentice under a Master.

A successful artist cultivates fans.

A successful artist finds their community.

A successful artist collaborates.

A successful artist practices publicly.

A successful artist owns his or her work.

A successful artist master many crafts.

A successful artist makes money so that they can be creative.

A successful artist has a certain mind-set, knows the market, and handles money wisely.

I hope this gives you a start and emboldens you to join the ranks, embracing the belief that you can live both a creative life and a prosperous one.

True artists do not starve!

Melissa Saulnier

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