Marketing Strategies

Communication Strategies

Messaging by Audience

List aspects of your book which you will focus on for your main and secondary audiences.


Guest Posting

What are my audience’s main needs or problems?

  • Need/Problem 1

  • Need/Problem 2

  • Need/Problem 3


Guest Post Topics

  • Topic 1

  • Topic 2

  • Topic 3


Your Network


  • List of everyone you know and list how to reach them.

  • Who could give you reviews/testimonials/quotes?

  • What will you send them? (e.g. free advance copy of book)

Consider any issues or problems that may arise, will you need to arrange introductions, if yes then who by?


Public Relations Strategy and Execution


  • PR strategies.

  • PR plan highlights.

  • Backup PR plan, including editorial calendars, speaking engagements, conference schedules, etc.


Email List Schedule

  • Overview of timing.

  • What incentives are you going to provide to your email list?

  • What content will appeal to them?


Other Promotion


Video Trailer

  • Who’s going to make it?

  • What format is it going to be?

  • How are you going to distribute it?


Pay Per Click (Adwords, Facebook etc.)

  • Overview of keywords being targeted.

  • Overview of response targets, goals, and budget.


Other Ideas

Describe other promotional ideas. (e.g. dressing up as your main character and parading through the New York Subway.)



Summarize specific pricing or pricing strategies, and compare to similar books.

  • Your RRP.

  • Your lowest discount price.



What price points are your competitors selling at?



Distribution Strategy

Summarize the strategy for distribution. (e.g. send everyone to Amazon link/own website)


Distribution Channels

Summarize the channels of distribution. ((e.g. Amazon, iTunes, own website)



Write down a complete list of timings. When is everything happening?


Promotional Schedule

  • 1 month out

  • 2 weeks out

  • 1 week out

  • Day before launch

  • Launch day

  • Post launch follow up

Success Metrics


  • First week goals. (Sales numbers, Amazon rank etc.)

  • 1 month goals.

  • Measures of success/failure.